How I used my Student Loan to Make Money Whilst Studying at University (UK)


Student Finance England give all UK University students a loan to allow them to live, get accommodation, and pay for things at University. In today’s video, I talk about 5 ways you can use your student loan to make more money. How to Invest your student loan. All Students should wath this. Student Finance 2020/2021. Making money as a student is hard as students always have to study. But these 5 ways to make money as a student using your student loan are easy to do.

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In this video, I tell you 5 ways to use your student loan to make more money than it would have made you lying around in your student bank account. Some are riskless and others are risky. They involve opening the right and best student bank account UK, Opening a second bank account to get more interest, opening help to buy ISA, investing some of it in something like Invesco, and having a fund manager or investing your student loan yourself in stocks and shares *risky*. How to apply for student finance UK. Student loan debt is massive. So use the loan to make money and reduce the student debt. That’s the theory haha. 5 Ways University Students could Invest their Student Loan (Student Loan UK).

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