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We all know that the life of an insurance agent was not so easy earlier because he had to put lots of hard work to issue a single insurance policy. He/she had to visit an insurance company’s office multiple times, in order to issue one policy.

Now, RenewBuy has made POSP’s life so easy with its unique model of issuing policy without wasting their time in visiting insurance company’s offices. Once you become a POSP with RenewBuy, you need not to worry about the useless visits. All you need is a smartphone with an internet connection.

Becoming insurance agent with RenewBuy, your life will become so easy. Below are few benefits of becoming RenewBuy’s POS:

Easy Life: Once you become a POSP with RenewBuy, you will get the best policy as per the customers need in just a few clicks, for which you have to do is:

• Open RenewBuy app in your smartphone
• Enter customer’s details
• Get quotes from different companies
• Choose the best option according to the customer’s need
• Pay online
• Get policy

Multiple opportunities: RenewBuy is associated with so many insurance service providers which give its POSP an opportunity to work for multiple insurance providers. He/she can also compare a policy offered by different insurance companies and sell according to the needs of the customers.

Extra Income: The easiest way to earn extra money without much efforts is become a PSOP with RenewBuy and you will earn as much as extra money you want to.

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