2020 Elite Dangerous Mining Guide – How to Laser Mine for LTD in Elite Dangerous Money Making 2020


Hawkes Gaming welcomes you to my 2020 Elite Dangerous mining guide. This how to laser mine for LTD in Elite Dangerous will show you everything you need to know about Elite Dangerous money making and laser mining in Elite Dangerous. This 2020 Elite Dangerous laser mining guide will teach you how you can make well over 200 Million credits per hour. I hope this in depth laser mining guide for Elite Dangerous is helpful to your gameplay Commanders!

You can do laser mining in Elite Dangerous for Low Temperature Diamonds ( LTD ) or Painite. So make sure you only laser mine low temperature diamonds ( LTD ) or Painite while playing Elite Dangerous. All the other minerals are a waste of time.

You will be rolling in Space Bucks after watching this Elite Dangerous money making 2020 guide Commanders! So go out and start making money now in Elite Dangerous before the June update when Fleet Carriers arrive!

#1 Don’t forget to set all other materials you don’t want to collect to ignore in your control panel.

#2 ALSO KEEP IN MIND when Fleet Carriers go live in June all known hot spots will get reshuffled in order to make room for Tritium in the loot tables. This means for a SHORT TIME there will be no known LTD x 3 and Painite x 2 spawns until Commanders find them. Once that happens Inara and the miners tool will refresh with the new locations.

#3 I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you get as space rich as possible before the June update. There will likely be a short period of discovery while we look for GOLD RUSH Elite Dangerous mining locations again!

For fire groups I have Mining Lasers and Collector Limpets on 1 and have my Prospector limpets on 2. I have a single fire group for convenience.

New Mining Method Video! 400+ Mill per hour!!

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