16 Super Ultra Frugal Tips to Save Money Anytime | Ultra Frugality | The Life You Have W/Tez


Frugality can be a great thing, but what happens when you just need to pinch every single penny? In this episode of “The Life You Have”, I talk about 16 super ultra frugal ways people have been using to save money, from hypermiling, to using aluminum foil in the dryer to avoid buying fabric softener.

00:00 – Intro
00:16 – Use Aluminum Foil Balls in the Dryer
00:25 – Use Cruise Control Behind Tractor Trailers
00:39 – Put Your Car In Neutral Downhill
00:45 – Wipe with Magazines/Newspapers
00:51 – Used Baby Diapers in the Garden
01:24 – Buy Managers Special Always
02:09 – Simultaneous Celebrations
02:27 – Use Flashlights at Night
02:46 – Boil Water, Take Bath
03:57 – Grand Opening, Grand Closing
04:40 – Regrow Food From Scraps
05:03 – Use SNAP (where Available)
05:32 – Don’t Wash Denim
05:46 – Drive Out for The Good Sales
06:16 – Use Metal Detectors to Find Treasure
06:55 – Use Work Resources ( AKA Fraud Waste Abuse)

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