6 Tips To Save Money During College | Money Saving For Students


Here are some of the best ways to save money in college, and some money saving tips that you could use while getting your degree – enjoy!


There are plenty of ways to do this but my favorite and probably the easiest would be by using an app called Mint.
Mint is a free app you can use to easily track your monthly expenses, make yourself a budget, and even check your credit score. All you have to do is link any bank accounts, credit cards, and investment accounts you have and mint automatically compiles everything into one app making it super easy and convenient to track all of your finances.
There are other ways you can do this like using a google spreadsheet or even using pen and paper.
The method you choose isn’t super important just as long as you are tracking any money that goes in and out of your accounts.

There are tons of different discounts available to students, anywhere from restaurants, clothing, electronics, household supplies etc
In the description below this video I will add a link to a website with the ultimate list of stores and restaurants that offer discounts for students.
A lot of colleges also have little coupon pamphlets available in the library that are also full of student discounts. This might be a better option just because the coupons they give you should all be in your local area.

I started my first semester at a 4 year college but then transferred to a community college after realizing how much money I would save. This is a really underrated idea that not a lot of people are doing.
Aside from the fact that community colleges on average cost annually a ⅓ of the price as universities, it also gives you the ability to try different things that way if you decide to change your major it’s not going to cost you nearly as much.
The first two years of college mainly focus on your gen eds like english math science etc so you might as well get those done at a community college and save yourself some money.
So it just makes sense to get those general classes out of the way and save some money while doing it that way once you’ve finished you have a better idea on what school you want to transfer too and what you wanna major in.

Now obviously this isn’t going to work for everybody but if you live close to your school and job this could be a great way to save money.
When you factor in the prices of insurance, gas, maintenance, and the car itself, owning a vehicle quickly becomes one of the most expensive things to own. In 2017, transportation costs made up the fourth largest expenditure among American households which spent an average of $9,737 each on transportation cost.
Some alternatives to owning a car could be to use public transportation, ride a bike, carpool, or get a moped. Owning a moped is almost always cheaper than owning a car, gas is cheaper, insurance is cheaper and even maintenance is cheaper. So if you were able to survive without owning a car you would be able to save a ton of money.

On average living on campus usually costs somewhere between 8,000 and 13,000 depending on where you go. If you are able to live with parents I suggest doing that for as long as possible, but if you’re like me and that wasn’t really an option, try living with roommates.
But please be aware there are some downsides to living off campus, one being it can be harder to meet people at your school. When you live on campus you get to be around a bunch of new people who are trying to make new friends and meet new people just like you.
So living off campus you might have to put in a little more effort to meet new people But if you are wanting to cut back costs of college it might be worth it to live at home a little longer or live off campus with roommates.

You should try to wait at least a week or talk to your professor before buying any books because a lot of times the books listed are not even required for the class.
Once you know what books are actually required for your classes don’t go straight to your school’s bookstore. First I usually check eBay and a lot of times I can find the books I need barely used for half the price. Another good place to check is amazon, they also allow you to rent or purchase textbooks at a much cheaper cost than your college might charge.

The choices you make during your college years will easily impact the next decade of your life so if you are in college please make sure to consider all of the ways you can save money and if there’s any other tips I missed or that you wanna add feel free to leave a comment down below.



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