How I Made $16,209 in 5 Months | Robinhood Investing For Beginners 2020


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Hi Everyone, welcome to The IKhanic Show and thanks for watching my YouTube video. Today I go over Robinhood Investing for Beginners and Stock Market for Beginners 2020. I personally have profited $16,209.53 in just over 5 months. In this video I go over my journey and the strategies that I used to overcome constant losses. My journey basically started in June, 2019 where I day traded. Over time I consistently lost money, and in March, 2020 the market started crashing.

I saw this as a great opportunity to get more serious because I knew this wasn’t normal. I added another $25,000 and continued day trading. How ever, I continued to lose money. On May 1st, I almost gave up. I was at my lowest point and lost over 20% of my trading account. Then I began Swing Trading.

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