Writer in the men’s grooming niche (barbers and hairstylists)


Do you consider yourself a hair fanatic? Do you know the latest trends? Do you know barbers/hairstylist types of equipment?

If you answered yes to these questions, then read on.

We are looking for a writer in the men’s grooming niche (barbers and hairstylists) who can help us expand our barber site, wisebarber.com.

At the moment we compete with big players on the market like Forbes, Amazon, Menshealth, NYTimes…

So now, is the right time to begin a huge investment to grow the site.

Shopping guides, reviews, guest posts, and also informational posts.


1) SEO copywriting knowledge (content structure, how to use keywords, etc.)
2) Experiences in that niche (most important)
3) Native speaker (US)
4) Long-term cooperation
5) Own ideas
6) Flexible deadlines
7) Consistent workload every week (3-4 posts / 4 500 – 6 000 words)

A flat rate of $0.05/word + bonuses for the number of words achieved per month. We have also give bonuses for above-standard work such as obtaining information from barbers/hairstylists for content purposes.

We write and update content about 40,000 words a month.

Please, send samples of work from the same niche.

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