I have been getting a lot of questions about life insurance over the past few months and in this video we would kick start our six part series on this very relevant and timely asset class that Filipinos should pay a lot of attention to.

For our first video, we’ll talk about why I believe in life insurance, what life insurance means to me, why I started life insurance at a very young age, what type of insurance did I get and why entrepreneurs and investors should get life insurance as we continue to pivot in this new normal.

I really do hope that this video massively helps you grow and see how you can use life insurance to help you reach your financial goals.

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At the end of this video, you should know more about:

Why did I get life insurance at age 23?

•Why did I invest in life insurance first before going into stocks, bonds, bitcoin, ETFs, REITs and all my other investments?

•Why did I get multiple life insurance policies early?

•Why did I get both VUL and term insurance? How did they serve different purposes for me and my portfolio?
•How did I increase my life insurance coverage over time? How did it evolve from the time I was single, to the time I got engaged, then to the time I got married and to where I am now?

•Why did I get insurance while I was single and why I got coverage to make my parents beneficiaries?

What is life insurance to me?

•It acts as a hedge of protection in the prime years of my life
•It allows me to go all out on my investments and business because I know I have covered my bases well
•It gives me or my family cash flow should things not go the way I want it to go

•It can replace my active income sources should I no longer do any active income

Should you get life insurance, too?

It is not a question of if you need life insurance or not, it is a question of what you need, what fits you, and what your goals are. You put money in life insurance not just to make money or to protect yourself, you get life insurance based on what goals you have in life and the coverage you need. Whether it be HEALTH, EDUCATION, PROTECTION or GROWTH (GOAL). Especially during these times of uncertainties, insurance can be beneficial in preparing for the unexpected.

Life insurance is an asset and, at the same time, a risk management tool. Better build and stockpile assets like this than buy things that you don’t need that will not have any value later on in the future. The more of assets like this you have the more you can have something that is working hard for you and at the same time the more you can be more aggressive in your business and your investments.

If you don’t have one yet, I encourage you to do the due diligence study, research, reach out to an AXA financial partner who can help you discover the right plan for your every need. Set an appointment here:



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