RETIREMENT SAVINGS TIPS – Save Money To Increase Income


Retirement means living on a fixed income, for some this might mean trimming expenses to fit your income. We show you ways to save money on some everyday items. These retirement savings tips are easy to do on items many of us need to buy. Save money to increase income with buying prescription glasses online, we show you how we saved over three hundred dollars by using online Optical Stores for prescription glasses. The glasses we bought were exactly the same specification as Costco or a regular Optician store.

Another savings tip is buy a Magic Jack home phone, for just $50 you can have a home phone number with no monthly bill. It works by using your internet connection to makes calls in North America for free.

We recommend rather than putting your money into a regular Savings Bank Account in your town, buy the same Banks stock (shares), and you will get more interest by receiving the Bank’s dividend than what they typically pay in their savings accounts.

Save money to increase income makes sense tp preserve your capital, to make ends meet. If you are trying to pursue Financial Independence Retire Early (F.I.R.E.), then saving money is part of this concept and buying online can help you save money. Being frugal in retirement can make your retirement more enjoyable, leaving extra money to spend on other fun activities.

We hope our retirement savings tips help you save money to increase your retirement income and have a happier retirement by reducing financial stress.



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