thinkorswim® paperMoney®: Stock Trading Simulator Tutorial


thinkorswim® paperMoney® is a trading simulation platform that lets you practice trading in realistic market conditions without risking any real money. In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how to download and use thinkorswim paperMoney and place simulated stock trades.

0:00 What is paperMoney®?
0:45 Downloading thinkorswim® and registering for paperMoney®
1:24 Logging in to paperMoney®
1:54 paperMoney® account types and balances
2:16 Adding stock buying power to your account information
2:47 Adjusting cash balances in paperMoney®
3:17 Adding a watchlist to the left sidebar
3:55 Stock symbol lookup
4:19 Linking your watchlist to the symbol lookup
4:56 Creating an order to buy or sell stock
5:24 Editing, reviewing, and sending a limit order to buy stock
6:58 Creating and sending a market order to buy stock
7:31 Monitoring orders and positions
8:17 Creating a closing order using a limit order
8:57 Creating a closing order using a stop market order
9:45 Adjusting a paperMoney® position
10:45 Customizing the Trade Grid: Adding Live News, Dashboard, and Level II Quotes
12:51 Introduction to thinkorswim® charts
14:19 Adding a study to your chart
14:55 Changing the time frame of your chart
15:15 Trading from your chart
16:36 Introduction to the Scan tab: Scanning for stocks
18:00 Adding virtual cash to your paperMoney® account
18:32 Resetting your paperMoney® account

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