How I Plan To Make $1 Million Online With Affiliate Marketing In 2021


I plan to make $1 million with affiliate marketing in 2021 and I want to explain to you what I’m going to do. If you do affiliate marketing or want to give it a shot, this video is for you.

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Does affiliate marketing work? Affiliate marketing is a strategy used online to make money. With this strategy you send people to a link, and you get paid when someone buys that product. You get what is called a commission. Usually when doing this people just spam the links with unrelated traffic and this is not the way to go about it.

The best way to make money with affiliate marketing is to build a blog based on a specific topic. The reason I do this because then you are targeting people who are interested in a specific topic, must easier to sell this way. If you want to make money the right way with affiliate marketing you need the right affiliate traffic. I like organic traffic because it’s free.

To earn affiliate marketing commissions you will need to have some web hosting and a domain name. I will leave some tutorials below on how to start your own affiliate marketing business. Once you have the website setup then you can start building that website out over time. Once you scale up you will start making commissions.

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