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In this video I have explained how to get Email Swipes For Make Money Online with affiliate marketing from clickbank. And I also have explained the best strategy for doing email marketing that will convert your prospects into sales. In affiliate marketing email marketing is the most important part because 90% sales comes from the email marketing because it depend on you how deeply you are focusing on converting your prospects into sales.

Email marketing is the only way where we can communicate with our prospects. So it is very important to right emails in a strategic way that I have covered in this video. You can get the email swipes from clickbank affiliate page of the product but in order to convert your prospect to sale you have to provide the value to your prospect through emails and the best formula is 80% value and 20% pitch. You have to use this 80 20 rule. Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online for beginners. But you have to learn these techniques because you have to setup this automated system once. Once your system is ready you can run the traffic and get automated sales.


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