Norton Antivirus Plus Review | 2021 Discounts & Features


My Norton App

Once you purchase the Norton software, the set-up and management are easy thanks to the My Norton App.

Here, you can check your backup, overall security, and performance.

Other options include the Live Update, Norton Toolbar, and installing Norton on each of the browsers you use. 

Cloud Backup

Where do you store your important documents? Do you keep physical copies in your desk digital forms online?

If you opt for the digital format, all the crucial information in those documents are at risk.

The Noton Antivirus Plus package offers up to 2GB of cloud backup for each of those essential digital documents.

By storing them securely with Norton, you protect yourself against potential theft or loss of information from a technical failure due to a virus.

Firewall Protection

One of the most dangerous things about using the internet is that many people can access your information, usually when you’re not even aware.

Norton Antivirus Plus offers a smart firewall to separate you from any potential threats.

The firewall blocks traffic that seems suspicious or other users from accessing your information.

In addition to keeping your documents in a secure location, the firewall adds even more protection against anyone trying to steal data or take advantage of you.

Password Manager

Do you have trouble remembering all your different passwords?

You’re not alone! We know how hard it can be to keep track of all the critical, private information, especially if you have multiple accounts and credit cards. 

This makes Norton Antivirus understand the struggle of finding a safe place to write down your different account numbers, passwords, and credit card numbers. 

Within the Plus package, they include a password manager that is secure and easy to access. 

Threat Protection

Numerous types of threats exist, and new ones are forming as technology evolves.

Keeping track of all the possible dangers is tiresome and often confusing, so you can trust Norton software to do the work for you.

As we look at the Norton Antivirus Plus review, we must consider types of threats.

Malware, or malicious software, includes everything from viruses to spyware to ransomware. 

Norton Antivirus identifies, eliminates, and protects against each of these scary threats.

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