Index Universal Life Insurance Policy Explained | Interview With Financial Educator Tracey Andrews


Today Tracey Andrews and I discuss what is an Index universal life insurance policy, also know as an IUL.

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01:46 What Is An IUL?
04:00 Who is an IUL For?
05:26 Living Benefits
07:53 Evolving Financial Services
09:57 Where To Go To Sign Up For An IUL?
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What is Index Universal Life Insurance Policy?
A life insurance policy with a floor and a ceiling. This allows your investments to be safer when the market is volatile.

Who is an IUL for? Anyone who wants the benefits of life insurance with the possibility to receive living benefits too. The younger you get life insurance the better it is because you want that person to be insured and it is generally cheaper.

An IUL is a form of evolving financial services. An IUL can cover you if you:
1 Need money if you get sick
2 If you grow old and outlive a standard term policy
3 Financially provide for your family when you are no longer living.

Where to go to sign up for an IUL? It is best to find an insurance agent in your area who will assess your financial needs and help you sign up for an IUL.

2021 is a great time to consider the type of life insurance coverage you need for your family. Contact Tracey here if you would like her to give you more advice.

Tracey’s Email Address: [email protected]
Tracey’s Facebook:

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