01-11-21 Daily stock trading for beginners like myself – Stock picks today


Daily stock trading with my Simple 10 list for 2021. See what I plan on doing today with my stocks. These are my Top 10 Stocks are my picks for the year 2021. Learn along with me as I try to trade the simple, safe, and smart way. I personally believe that small account can grow into a large one within a few years. It just takes patience and self-control. Subscribe to see how compounding interest is the most powerful way to grow your money. The question for today is ….. What will tesla do and why is Starbucks just hovering around the MA20?

If you have ever wondered how to invest $1000 or less, then watch and learn from both my successes and failures. I am a swing trader. I tried penny stocks and options trading. I was more successful trading well known and reputable companies then these extremely volatile penny stocks or option contracts. Capitalizing on small gains and compounding interest starts off slow but, in the end, it yields real results. Follow me if you are tired of losing money in the stock market and watch my successes for inspiration.

I am not a certified financial planner/advisor nor a certified financial analyst nor an economist nor a CPA nor an accountant nor a lawyer. I am not a finance professional through formal education. The contents on this site/channel are for informational and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial, accounting, or legal advice. By viewing my posts and my videos, you agree to hold me harmless from any ramifications, financial or otherwise, that occur to you because of acting on information found in my posts and videos.

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