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Pimsleur offers audio and reading lessons to help you learn how to listen and speak proper, from beginners all the way up to advanced speakers. 

Pimsleur is one of the most recommended sites for learning to speak new languages, including Spanish, Chinese, French, and Italian.

In addition to helping you retain new vocabulary, Pimsleur also assists with proper pronunciation and accent. 

It takes no more than thirty minutes a day to complete a lesson, meaning you can finish one level in a month.

As you advance through each level, you are given new words to learn. But there are also random repeats of old words, so you don’t forget them.

  • Extensive lessons and levels to advance through.
  • Practice speaking, listening and reading in your chosen language.
  • Lessons only take 30 minutes or less.
  • Frequent exposure to material previously learned in earlier lessons.
  • Teaches more formal speaking than informal.
  • Can’t help with writing.

There are plenty of sites out there to help you learn how to speak a foreign language properly. One of the most popular is Pimsleur, which offers multiple languages. 

In this Pimsleur review, we’re going to look at how well Pimsleur can help you speak a foreign language, including the features, pricing, and recommended users. 

By the time you’re done with this Pimsleur review, you should know if this is the right language tool for your needs. Get ready to learn all there is to know about Pimsleur.

What is Pimsleur?

Pimsleur Review

Pimsleur is a site that is known for helping you learn how to speak a foreign language. 

Unlike other language sites, Pimsleur is popular for helping you recall and speak in a different language, rather than learn vocabulary.

This site provides audio courses that help you learn new words. They also use a method of question/recall/response, which means you retain more of what you learn. 

They also help you with the proper pronunciation of foreign words so you can be sure you’re saying the words correctly.

Pimsleur is excellent for both listening and speaking, which is a benefit over other sites that focus solely on listening.

What Pimsleur Includes?

Pimsleur offers five levels to use their site from being a complete novice up to advanced learners.

As you advance in the levels, they introduce new words, while also repeating older words, so you continue to get enough exposure that you don’t forget them. 

There are thirty lessons for levels one through three, for a total of ninety lessons for beginners and intermediate speakers.

The difficulty increases throughout the lessons, but some people do face challenges as some levels can seem too complicated for the level. 

Most people choose to skip over level four, as it is a repetition of level three, with most of the same vocabulary.

The difficulty level doesn’t increase, and the videos are shorter, without offering much substance.

In addition to audio lessons, you can also get reading exercises, in which a narrator reads a story. You follow along with the text. 

The Spanish version of Pimsleur is one of the most popular, so the audio quality is up to date and of excellent sound quality.

You have no problem understanding the speaker, and they talk at a conversational pace that you can easily follow.

How Pimsleur Pricing Works?

Pimsleur offers you a seven-day free trial during which you get complete access to the entire site.

During this time, you can test out all the different features to see how it would work for you. 

Once your trial runs out, you pay a monthly subscription of $14.95. They also offer the option to purchase five classes for a cost of $21.95. However, price varies by language and the number of levels. Less popular languages will not have as many lessons.

Pimsleur also offers the option to purchase materials as a digital download (MP3) or as a CD set. The first lesson is free, but you would have to pay for further access. You can buy all the lessons as a bundle or buy each level as you progress. 

This option is more expensive than the subscription. But along with your audio files, you also get print copies of the material so you can practice reading while listening. You get a PDF version with digital and print copies with the CD.

The premium version gives you access to interactive exercises as well as audio files. There are limited languages offered with this package, including French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish. 

For premium access, you pay $150 a level, or a bundle price of $575 for all five levels. This cost is the same for both digital versions or CDs.


Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Pimsleur.

Will Pimsleur Help Me Learn A New Language?

Pimsleur is a useful tool to learn how to speak Spanish, as well as multiple other languages.

You can learn vocabulary and pronunciation through audio lessons, during which a native person will talk about a word in Spanish, while a native English speaker translates.

How Many Pimsleur Levels Are There?

If you want to learn a language, Pimsleur offers five different levels. Each level consists of thirty lessons, for a total of 150 lessons. 

Who Should Use Pimsleur?

Pimsleur is an excellent audio resource for anyone interested in learning a new language without a personal tutor’s assistance.

While there are booklets you can use with each level, Pimsleur’s approach is first and foremost an audio training tool. 

Some users who are entirely new to Spanish may struggle with the first few lessons, but it doesn’t take long to learn how things work.

You will learn through listen-and-repeat and call-and-response, which means you retain more information through your lessons.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a well-paced, organized tool to learn how to speak a new language, you might find a lot of use by subscribing to Pimsleur.

With over 150 lessons, you’re sure to master the art of speaking a new language fluently. 

Enjoy short thirty-minute lessons on the go without having to cancel all your plans for study time. It’s the perfect solution to learning a language. 

This concludes our Pimsleur review. No more excuses. It’s time to learn. Adiós, amigo (Goodbye, friend). 

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The Pimsleur method is a totally integrated language learning program.

Pimsleur vs. Alternatives

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Pimsleur offers audio and reading lessons to help you learn how to listen and speak proper, from beginners all the way up to advanced speakers.

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