Save Seeds and Save Money! | Seed Saving Tips: Garden Home VLOG (2019)


In this Garden Home VLOG, host P. Allen Smith shows us some techniques on seed saving and show us a couple of ways to store them for years to come.

Rudbeckia maxima (Large Coneflower)
Centaurea americana (American Basketflower)
Purple Carrots
Echinacea purpurea (Purple Coneflower)

“Seed gathering is a fun gardening activity with a time-honored past. Before seed companies and nurseries made it more convenient to buy packets of seeds and flats of ready grown plants, farmers and gardeners relied on collecting and saving their own seeds for the following year’s crops. I recall my parents and grandparents collecting seeds from their flowers and vegetables, not only to be frugal but to make sure they had seeds for the varieties that they liked to grow.” ~ P. Allen Smith

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