📈 Investing in SeedIn Philippines 2020 | How to Invest in SeedIn | Guide to SeedIn Passive Income


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SeedIn is a platform that helps businesses get funding for their business through crowdfunding. It’s a Peer-to-Business form of lending where investors like you and me can earn interest from lending our money to businesses.

If you’ve been watching my videos for a while, you should more or less understand what I meant by how there are so many investment options out there. Today, we’re talking SeedIn. I’ve been investing in SeedIn since 2019, and I’ve had good experiences with it, so I wanted to share it with you guys. It’s another alternative form of investment that I’ve mentioned in my previous videos, where you can earn 10-20% interest per annum on your money.

We’ll talk about what SeedIn is, why you should consider investing in SeedIn, how to start investing in SeedIn, as well as my own experience with investing on the platform.

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00:00 Introduction & Overview
02:18 What is SeedIn?
04:01 Why invest in SeedIn?
07:30 How to Invest in SeedIn?
10:33 My experience investing in SeedIn

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Investing in SeedIn Philippines 2020 | How to Invest in SeedIn | Guide to SeedIn Passive Income



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