Gcash Invest Money Vs Gsave? Features Explained


Gcash Invest Or Save Money – Which Is Best?

If you are a user of G cash, you have most likely come across their feature that allows you to either save or invest.

Let us take a look at investing.

Investing with G cash is a straight forward process. Once your account has been set up and verified, you’ll be able to start investing with as little as 50 pesos. Here are some benefits

• G cash Can Be Managed Through The Mobile App
• You Only Need Account Verification To Invest
• Currently there are No Admin or Sales Fees
• G cash Has A Wide Range Of Investment Products

A common question asked is, What is the G cash investment interest rate? The interest you will receive depends upon the product that you have decided to invest in. Unfortunately, similar to the Philippine Stock Exchange, there is not a guaranteed interest rate.
In other words, your investment returns with G cash could be much higher or much lower than other people depending on the amount that you have invested, the product that you have selected, and the overall market.
Saving With G cash

Similar to investing, saving is also another popular feature. If you are wondering what the G cash saving interest rate is, currently, it is 3.1% Annually. Here are the features

3.1% Annual Interest Rate
You Can Start Saving Within A Few Minutes
Only One ID is Required
You Can Gain Coins Which Can Be Converted To Cash
No Initial Deposit Amount
No Maintenance Fee Amount
Regulated By The Bangko Sentral Ng Philippines

After looking through the benefits of investing with G cash and the benefits of saving with G cash, the question remains, Should you invest or save with G cash?

the answer lies with your current financial situation. Looking at the G cash saving rate of 3.1%, it would be better to save money if you only have a few thousand pesos or less. Additionally, if you only have a few hundred or a few thousand pesos to invest in, the returns might not be as high as you were expecting.

However, If you already have an emergency fund and a lot of cash to invest then investing may be a better option.



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