Simple System Access Review. Is it Just a Scam?


I have several warnings to share in this review of Simple System Access and honestly, I would not surprised if it is a scam. Let me share my experiences so you understand how it works and why there’s safer alternatives.

Quick report on Simple System Access:

Creator: Might be the same Josh Snyder who made Digital Veteran Blueprint (big warning there).

Price: Initial entry is free, but then the funnel in this program leads you down a high ticket funnel that can reach up to $10,000+ to be involved with (yeah, that much).

How does this work? Simple System Access is just a funnel page into Digital Veteran Blueprint, which then funnels you to a high ticket sales program (the one that costs up to $10,000+). If you join, you become a referrer for that program and I have explored a bit of it to know that I do not want to get involved in anyway with it (or recommend it either).

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10 stars

Recommended? Oh no.

There’s been a very questionable program circulating online in the past few months and sites like Simple System Access (among others) are sprouting around it to promote it. In the end, it all leads down the same central funnel into a program whose name I can’t even say, because it’s not even revealed.

And that’s just the tip of the questionable iceberg with this program!


simple system access alternative

Simple System Access explained:

It’s just an email collection page to get people through to the next stage of the funnel which goes like this:

1) Once you enter your email on Simple System Access, you get taken to a sales page on a program called Digital Veteran Blueprint.

2) Digital Veteran Blueprint originally promoted a high ticket program called OPM Wealth (which I also do not endorse).

3) In this case, strangely, Simple System Access led me to Digital Veteran Blueprint’s pitch page, but not OPM Wealth. Instead it led me to another program whose name I don’t even know that is related to another suspicious sales funnel called The Prosperity Warrior.

In short, whether it’s Simple System Access, Digital Veteran Blueprint or The Prosperity Warrior, here is what’s going on:

All of these sources seem to be leading you into one or more high ticket programs and it could either be:

  • OPM Wealth which is super suspect.
  • Or the other program that The Prosperity Warrior and Simple System Access lead you to which is even more suspect because there’s no name attached to it.

And keep in mind, we are talking about high ticket programs that are up to $10,000 or more in these cases. There’s literally duplicate sales videos promoting one or the other high ticket program and that itself is very questionable.

Too many red flags to Simple System Access:

Let’s be clear: Simple System Access isn’t anything but a page steering you in one way or another into spending a lot of money with high ticket programs on the other end, and again, I don’t even know the name of one of them.

In the marketing world, we call these types of set ups funnels and I also believe that Simple System Access isn’t the first type of funnel website into these programs we’ll see.

But because I’ve seen this funnel in at least 2 cases (Digital Veteran Blueprint and The Prosperity Warrior) and I’ve reviewed those 2 programs, I know ahead of time where it’s going and if you’d like to see reviews of these programs, you can find the links to them in this review of Simple System Access for details (although I already explained the general idea behind them).

In my opinion, Simple System Access is a cover for these programs (here’s why that happens):

In online marketing, from time to time there are very scam like and suspect programs which appear and in the beginning stages, they are marketed directly by the names they go by.

Eventually, because the program/s are a scam, the complaints mount and the PR becomes bad, and so these programs turn to doing the “back door promotion” approach to selling these programs and make up some third party sites to steer people into them.

These third party sites appear as though they are new programs, but they steer into the same bad programs on the back end and it’s how these programs keep pulling off their operation.

I’ve seen this happen with programs like MOBE and MTTB. You had a lot of fake third party sites pop up to promote this program because the original ones had so many bad complaints (eventually, they were taken down).

I also assume this may be happening with Simple System Access’s funnel into whatever high ticket program there is behind it and it would explain why there’s no name behind it.

Also keep in mind that this program is asking you to do direct checks for $1,000’s of dollars to send to them. And I also tear apart why this whole program is a major red flag from the get go in my review of it above in case you need more reasons to avoid it.

Final Rating: Simple System Access

0 stars

Red Flag

0 out of 10 stars. I am warning against a program like this and because of what it leads to. I can’t prove it’s a scam, but I have already reviewed this program from so many ends, in a fair point of view that it’s impossible to see this program as being a major, legitimate opportunity (I don’t believe it).

If you know anything I don’t already know or disproved about this program, let me know below (good luck though).

My final thoughts:

For alternatives, Wealthy Affiliate is where I’d recommend starting. For starters:

  • It isn’t hidden behind some ridiculous “program names”.
  • There’s no high ticket funnels.
  • And there’s a lot of transparency with it.

better option to simple system access

Basically whatever questions Simple System Access would bring about in terms of “is this legit?”, Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the info from the start to see how good and legitimate it is so you don’t have to worry about that stuff.

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