10 Ways I Save Money on Household Consumables! ~ Frugal Hacks to keep the grocery budget low!


Today I am answering one of my most asked questions: Does my $500/month grocery budget for a family of 6 include household consumables (things like toilet paper, shampoo, laundry detergent, trash bags, etc.)…and how do I save money in this category??

I have narrowed it down to 10 tips and I think the last one is the GAME CHANGER! Hint: Less is MORE!!!

I talk FAST in this video…So take a few deep breaths for me! It’s hard putting 3 years worth of habits into one YouTube nugget. I really just want to help and hope I can share something that makes a difference for you in your own budget. Cutting expenses can be hard but we are in this together!

This video is not sponsored by anyone. These are real things I did to cut back on our expenses, and the products I mention are simply to share frugal alternatives that worked for our family.

Mentioned in this video:
Is plastic safe for essential oils?
My favorite DIY cleaners:
My Cloth Napkin System:
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My favorite frugal soap*:
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