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Welcome to the Financial Education Series by Abhi and Niyu. In this series, we will try to introduce a beginner to the world of finance by making complicated finance terms easy to understand. When we learn with real-life examples, even complex jargons become simple. And that’s our objective.

We live in times where investing is no longer a privilege. It is a necessity. During COVID most of us have realized how important it is to create a second stream of income. We cannot be reliant on our day to day jobs to sustain us for our entire life. Let’s take one step towards a financially secure tomorrow!

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00:00 Start
01:00 Explaining IPO using chai
02:31 BSE and NSE
02:48 DEMAT and Trading account
02:55 Demand and Supply
03:10 SENSEX and NIFTY50
03:37 Learn and Groww
04:11 Inflation
04:45 Conclusion

Please note that this is a very basic video and the first one in the series of videos we plan to make in the future. The goal of this video is to encourage savings and investing. Concepts explained in the video are as follows:
IPO – Initial Public Offering, Dividends, Market Forces – Demand and Supply, Trading and Demat accounts, SENSEX and NIFTY50, Inflation.

A video by Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha & Niyati Mavinkurve


About Us:

Abhi and Niyu are a husband-wife content creator duo who started their journey with a purpose to make the internet positive and put positive news in front of people. Their series 100 Reasons to Love India brought out positive stories about India, India’s changemakers, our history, culture and created an army of people who work to find solutions to everyday problems.



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