Why Are We Dumb with Money? | 9 REASONS Why You Are Just Not That Good with Money


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Why Are We Dumb with Money? | 9 REASONS Why You Are Just Not That Good with Money

Are we dumb with money?
Let’s say it’s your payday today, and you saw the balance in your bank account went up, you felt great so you couldn’t resist going on Amazon a bit. And while you are busy shopping online, you figure, it’s late already, too lazy to cook, might as well just get a uber eat tonight?

A month later, you noticed your bank account’s balance had gone back to square one, and you just couldn’t wait until the next pay day’s here.

Does this sound all too familiar?

So In this video, I will first talk about 5 reasons why people are generally not good with money, and then I will talk about the 4 most common behavioral mistakes that people tend to make with their money but can Totally be avoided.

Before we begin, let’s make sure we all understand what this term means. Financial quotient, FQ, or sometimes referred to as financial intelligence, is a term derived its name from the intelligent quotient and is used to describe someone’s ability to obtain and manage one’s wealth by understanding how money works.

Essentially the goal of this channel is to improve your FQ, because our traditional education system does not aim to improve it at all.

In schools and universities, we gain knowledge in language, math, science, etc, and basically on the disciplines that we are interested in. A graduate with a Bachelor’s of Computer Science will have tons of knowledge on how to write codes, or a Med School graduate will have tons of knowledge on how the body works.
But even you are in the major of finance, we rarely learn anything about how money works. Although this seems obvious, this is the first reason why most of us are bad with money.

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