5 homemade cleaners | DIY cleaning products | Ways to save money | Frugal Living!


5 homemade cleaners | DIY cleaning products | Ways to save money & Frugal Living!
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The videos on this channel are not meant to substitute professional financial advice. Information and personal anecdotes shared of what has worked for me, might not work for everyone.

I acknowledge the day-to-day economical struggles of people who are victimized by a system that’s working against them. Having the ability to make a few changes in your finances to improve your quality of life is an incredible privilege that many aren’t afforded.

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Affiliate Links: Thank you for reading this far. I receive a small commission for some of the links shared in this description box. These affiliate links are of products and services I love and recommend. By using these links to make a purchase, which doesn’t cost you extra, you are supporting my channel and helping me continue to create content.

About me:
I’m Camille and I am an Iraq War veteran living in Chicago with my husband and nine-year-old beagle. I share tips about saving money and living frugally, empowering women to plan for the life they want. Follow me on Instagram @camillejcollazo for daily tips on how to save and live more intentionally.

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