Invest 100 Rupees in Mutual Fund through Groww App | Groww App के माध्यम से 100 रुपये निवेश करें


Do you want to invest 100 rupees in mutual funds through Groww App? Then, This is the ultimate guide to invest in mutual funds through Groww App. In this video, I told you details step by step process to buy funds from the Groww app. This will helps to Invest 100 rupees in mutual funds and earn high.

1. FREE Groww App Download Link:

2. Know Mutual Fund Risk:

3. Know Best Mutual fund to invest 100 Rs. (My Blog Website):

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Groww is one of the Best Mutual Fund Investment apps. Here you can start Investment from just 100 Rs. And the best part is, Groww offers Direct Mutual Fund Plans. That means No hidden commission or charges.

There is a various way to invest in Mutual fund. Among then Groww app is one of the easiest investment adviser apps. The main advantage of this app is its dedicated Customer support helpline. If you facing any problems or have any quarry then Groww customer support will help you. And through Groww you can invest in all categories of Mutual fund, like High return fund, Tax savings funds, Low-Risk Fund, Small and Mid Cap fund, Large Cap fund. You can make money by investing your money here. Groww is registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as an investment advisor.

How to invest Rs. 100 in Best mutual fund Through Groww App??

1. First of all, You Have to create an account on the Groww app. Below I’ve shared Groww app download Link.
Groww App Download Link:
2. After downloading to create your account; If you need any helps to create your account then flows the below video. Create your Account:
3. After you finish off creating the account just follow the steps which I’ve shared in this video:

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00:00:00 Introductions
00:01:11 Investment Guide
00:01:18 Best Four Mutual Fund to invest 100 rs in Groww app
00:02:25 Mutual Fund Investment Process of Groww
00:03:06 Mutual Fund Analyse
00:05:55 Applicable Tax Details
00:06:10 Know about Exit Load or Exit Charge
00:07:00 Final Investment Step
00:07:52 What is Investment Time in Mutual Fund (important)
00:08:14 Payments Method In Groww (important)


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