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Honestly, there are hundreds of ways. When you look online, you will find legit sources along with and many that are scams. I highly recommend you to stay away from programs that ask you to make the initial investment to start using their money-making formula.
Here, I’m sharing how to earn money online, which is easy to use and legit at the same time. Few of them will require you to have certain skills like good communication, good writing abilities, etc.
1. Sell your skills on Fiverr
2. Become a Virtual Assistant
3. Offer Article Writing Service
4. Freelancing:
5. Start a profitable blog
6. Create YouTube Videos or a channel:
7. Guest Posting for Your Clients
8. Affiliate Marketing
9. Bit coin and Crypto currencies
10. Online Paid Surveys
11. Become A Broker For Webmasters And Website Owners
12. Become a Transcription freelancer



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