Top Online Blogging Courses for Beginners (Free & Paid)


Blogging is still an effective way to generate an online income.

If you are a beginner who wants to start a blog, an online blogging course is the best way to gain the knowledge you need to be successful.

In this post, I’ll review the 10 best blogging courses for you to learn how to blog like a pro.

Best Blogging Courses for Beginners

These are the top online blogging courses you can enroll in and learn how to become a successful blogger.

  1. The Complete SEO Course (Reliablesoft Academy)
  2. Blogging Masterclass: Build A Successful Blog (SkillShare)
  3. Four Pillars of Blogging (Problogger)
  4. Blogging for a Living (Udemy)
  5. Build a Blog in 7 Days (Ryan Robinson)
  6. Project 24 (Income School)
  7. How to Start a Successful Blog (Hubspot)
  8. Blogging for Business (Ahrefs)
  9. Ignition (One Hour Professor)

1. The Complete SEO Course (Reliablesoft Academy)

Reliablesoft Academy Online Courses
Reliablesoft Academy Online Courses

To build a successful blog that can potentially make you money, you need traffic. In fact, you need a LOT of traffic coming from search engines, and the way to get it is by becoming an SEO expert.

The Complete SEO Course from reliablesoft will teach you step-by-step how to increase your SEO traffic as fast as possible.

The course consists of 13 lessons that cover ALL important tasks you should perform as a blogger to optimize your blog for search engines.

Digital Marketing Training

Why enroll in this course?

It’s a great course for beginners to blogging. Everything is explained in simple language and it includes videos, tutorials, and checklists to help you understand how to apply the different concepts on your own blog.

When you register for the course, you’ll also get access to three more courses covering topics related to eCommerce blogging, how to do keyword research for your blog, and Google Analytics.

Included in the course is a case study on how we increased the Google traffic of a new blog to more than 500K monthly visitors, using the exact same techniques we teach in the course.

  • Course Name: The Complete SEO Course
  • Vendor: Reliablesoft Academy
  • Cost: $89 (currently on Sale)
  • Duration: Self-paced learning