Blog Review 19 : New MPNRC – How Rohit is Earning Rs 5 Lakh/Month from Blogging and Youtube


Earn Money Online Without Investment by Blogging and Youtube : Rohit ने यह सब अपने गुरु के कहने पर शुरू किया , शुरुवात में बहुत जियादा दिक्कत आयी परन्तु रोहित ने हिम्मत नहीं हारी और आज एक बहुत अच्छे मुकाम पर है। Rohit ka Youtube Channel

This is the 19th Part of our “Free Blog Review Series”. This Video Features Rohit who is already Earning 5 Lakh Rs From his Youtube and Blog. This Video will focus on his story and his Blog Review.

Rohit Started his Blog from Free Blogger and has recently shifted it on WordPress. His Earning has Increased by 300% by this move.

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Time Stamp
00:00 Teaser
00:51 Intro of Blog Review 19
01:30 Rohits Intro
01:47 How Rohit Started Online Journey
02:38 His Teacher Gained 1 Lakh Subs in 3 Months
03:17 His Teacher Inspired him to start a Youtube Channel
03:58 Distracted Because of his Friend
05:34 Mistake His Teacher made
06:45 Started Channel Again and Struggle
08:39 One of His Video Went Viral and Started Earning
09:22 Started Earning 200 to 300 $ Per month at this time
10:06 Covid Forced him to Start a Blog
11:21 Adsense Rejected my Blog
13:09 Open Book Exam Changed Everything
14:33 Started Getting almost 1 Lakh Page Views on Free Blogger
15:06 Watched My Video on Satish K Video Channel
15:38 Then Started Watching Learn and Earn with Pavan Agrawal
16:35 1 Lakh Per Day Traffic Earning
16:53 Analytics of Rohits Blog
17:44 Effects of Bad Hosting
19:01 Jet Pack Data of Rohits Blog
19:28 Search Console of Rohits Blog
20:15 Blog review of Rohits Blog
22:29 Category Not Correct
22:55 Observe and React Formula
22:34 “How to” Rich Snippet Should Be added
24:32 Create a Branded “Home” Page
25:39 Plus some Small Changes
26:50 Earning Sources of Rohit



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