Second Stimulus Check Update! SSI + SSDI + PUA Enhanced Unemployment Insurance Benefits


This is your SECOND STIMULUS PACKAGE UPDATE and your second stimulus check update today!!! Everyone wants to know, will there be a second round of irs stimulus checks! Finally, President Trump said Yes to the stimulus check second round!! The $2,000 per month, stimulus proposal is not off the table. Having a monthly stimulus payment of $2,000 originally proposed by Ro Khanna would become more of a possibility if the economic data being reviewed by the White House begins to erode, showing that additional stimulus is needed.

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The stock market, the FED, as well as congress, monitors this data quite closely and you can bet that the strength or weakness of the U.S. employment rate is a key indicator when determining economic health and for validating the need of of additional stimulus money. May was better than expected and we saw the stock market respond to those numbers. The way I see it is, the stronger the jobs report numbers, the smaller the stimulus package, but on the other hand, the weaker the jobs report numbers are, the larger the stimulus package. So if the Senate is going on recess come July 3rd, this is the same day that the Jobs report will be released. This really doesn’t leave a lot of time for a decision to be made.

According to Washington D.C., Correspondent, Anna Wiernicki, Senator Jim Inhofe, who is an 85 year old Republican Senator out of the state of Oklahoma who was first elected into office as sentor back in 1994… The senator made comments after the Senate Republican’s weekly luncheon where second stimulus checks were the main topic of discussion. Senator Jim Inhofe said that financial relief for Americans “is going to happen, it’s just not going to happen yet,”. Senator Jim Inhofe went on to say that “the idea of a second stimulus check fueled two hours of discussion at the lunch,” and that Senators “were supportive, but working through details.” he also said “What you don’t want to do is have a reward given to people who don’t want to work,”. We’ve heard comments from Republican Senator Ron Johnson out of Wisconsin, who mentioned that he “wasn’t a real big supporter of that in the first round,” he said. “This isn’t your classic recession.” From the start, it’s been pretty clear that Republican senators were not in favor of stimulus checks. Republican senators have taken a wait and see approach and and outright rejected any ideas regarding a second stimulus check until recently.

Many of you have asked if you are on SSI or SSDI, if you can still get this money. I’ve looked into the stimulus check SSI and SSDI rules and I’ll have shared the exact details on how even if you are on SSI or SSDI, you may still qualify for up to $600 extra per week in several of my recent previous videos! Shalae So be sure to check them out. Over the past week, I have also discussed how you can get retroactive PUA unemployment benefits immediately which is a large component to stimulus stimulus package 2020!! This could be worth thousands and only takes a few minutes to apply! So be sure to check out my previous videos for these details.

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